Thursday, May 27, 2010

Brisvegas Fashion Festival

Why are people the first to say Brisbane isn't a fashionable city? For our population we have a high percentage of fashionista's! We have sell out fashion parades with Mercedes Benz Fashion Festival, amazing curators of design in our museum's and our designer talent is phenominal - think Sass and Bide, Miss Unkon, Gail Sorronda and more - they may have moved to be closer to the industry heart but they still originated in sunny ole' brissy.

Get ready for the biggest fashion event of the year by checking out Mercedes Benz fashion festival asap cause tickets sell fast to these babies! and make sure you check out group show 7 cause there is a pretty awesome line up...

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

MBFF Brisbane Announcement

Beginning Boutique is proudly a part of MBFF for this year in Brisbane. The rest of the line up will be announced today on their site tickets on on sale tomorrow!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Beginning Boutique is bringing Rosemont Fashion Week to you

Beginning Boutique bringing Rosemont Australian Fashion Week to Brisbane.

Do you have a passion for fashion, or simply want to have next season's clothing before anyone else? This event is where you can have the say over your wardrobe for summer and order exactly what you would like before stores are even ordering it.

See new season pieces by designers that you love. All orders made and paid for on the day get a 15% discount. Otherwise you can order and laybuy on the day.

Tickets are going extremely fast so you need to make sure you are emailing to reserve yours.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Virtual Fashion Connection

Virtual Fashion Connection went really well. I hope you guys had fun on Friday night at the Sirromet Fashion Forum and the Secrets Online Success.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Virtual Fashion Connection

Brisbane is home to some of the best online stores. However if you live in this sunny city you may not even know that you have this abundance of online wonderland shopping. So Virtual Fashion Connection has been established to connect you in real life with the stores that are available to you in your virtual life! , Veux Fashion, Princess Chic, photographers and more online stores will be avaliable for your perusal at the ultra chic and underground White Canvas Gallery.

Starting from the 8th of April with a Secrets of Online Retail night, 9th of April VIP fashion forum night and finishing the weekend with two days of retail you are sure to enjoy this amazing weekend of fashion avaliable only online normally.

Thursday and Friday Nights events are $25 or $30 a ticket and include champagne, goodie bags/ information packs, the store to a limited group of people and guest speakers.

You can purchase tickets for the Friday night here

You can purchase tickets for thursday night online retailer event here

Make sure you come along and enjoy one of Brisbane's best fashion events!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Brisbane Snaps

So here are some happy snaps around Brisvegas.. Fashion has a way of its own here.

AWESOME photography by Libby Forsyth. - she's too cool for a website and if you want to book her for a shoot you better get in quick.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Mercedes Benz Fashion Festival Brisbane Group Show 2

Our first real blog for Fashion Brisbane and we want to kick it off with Mercedes Benz Fashion Festival Brisbane.  This is all about the group show 2 which in our opinion was the best show you could go to during the week. 

We were a bit disappointed by the location as there was no bar unless you were part of the sponsor lounge.  So no champers before the show with friends : (!  Other than that the town hall is in some serious need of decorator flare but the seating was great! 

There were a few stand our pieces in each collection - The Easton and Pearson's purple dress, yellow harem pants, hats, neck pieces and prints , Akira's White Dress and Camargue's black ensemble.  If we have placed the credit for any piece under the wrong designer please let us know.  However we think we got them all right! 

To end the night we all got napoleon lip gloss - unlucky if you got the black colour!  After all what do you wear with black lipgloss - Dr Martins and Goth black lace dresses?  Don't worry Napoleon was on hand however to explain it to the disappointed lady in front of us, I missed the reason why for black lip gloss, however I don't think he could of convinced me with money to wear it! 

You could have ventured into X&Y to party it up with the underground fashion scene of Brisbane after the show.  We, however chose to spend the rest of the sunday night at Emporium Hotel sipping lattes with good friends in their giant red Queen Chairs.  

We will be attending the Tuesday and Wednesday night festivities with two of the best store owners in Brisbane.  We can't wait to learn from them and hear what they have to say!  

Thats our first wrap up for Fashion Brisbane!